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Flexible Ducting - Nude and Insulated options. Fully complies to AS4254 & AS4508 & AS1530 Pt3 and NZ Building Code. ...more info

UNILOK™ FR1 Acoustic Ducting

UNILOK FR1 Acoustic Ducting is a flexible duct manufactured “tough” & “whisper quiet” for consumer & installer peace of mind.
Unlike other types of flexible duct, UNILOK FR1 has an outer steel rib that ensures the products integrity, and correct diameter,
even in the tightest bends. ...more info

MANROSE® PVC Flexible Ducting

P.V.C Flexible Duct is a product that is extremely versatile in the ventilation industry. It doesn't rot, is non collapsing, is fire resistant, has an operating temperature of +6 deg to +50 deg and is available in a range of sizes from 100mm to 150mm. ...more info

SEMIDUCT Semi Rigid Ducting

SEMIDUCT is also known as semi-rigid aluminium ducting is a lightweight, flexible but strong corrugated aluminium duct. It is spiral wound with a unique interlocked and knotted continuous seam. It is self supporting over longer lengths and generally only needs fittings or mechanics at each end
for support. ...more info

MANROSE® Solid Tube

Solid Tube - Rigid Steel and Solid Tube - White Plastic. ...more info

MANROSE® Low Profile Ducting

Low profile ducting enables it to be concealed when installed along the top of wall units. It can also be fitted in ceiling voids and cavity walls, providing versatility whilst remaining unobtrusive. ...more info