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Ventilation Introduction

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Locate your Ventilation Fan

Location of your ventilation fan will depend on the physical constraints of your room. The visual recognition guide (shown on the right) will help you decide the most suitable physical installation to meet your requirements.

Within the above mounting options there are various other features available, such as :

Wet Areas & Recommended Fan Types

When considering where in the room to place an extractor fan, you must consider the wet areas.

Zone 1: This is the zone directly within the shower or bath up to 2.25 metres above the floor and 150mm around the bath/shower cubicle. A SELV fan or an ln-line fan kit will be required in this zone.
For example if a fan is mounted directly over the bath or shower it must be a low voltage fan (SELV).

Zone 2: This zone is 0.6 metres horizontally outside of zone 1 and 2.25 metres above the floor

Zone 3: The outer layer is zone 3, which is 2.4 metres horizontally outside of zone 2 and 2.25 metres above the floor.

Fan Applications