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Wall/Ceiling Fans
 Wall / Ceiling Fans

Wall / Ceiling Mounted Fans

Designed for low-pitch roofs or between floors, where there is no ceiling access. This enables the fan to be accessible for service after installation.

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Thru Wall Fans
 Thru Wall Fans

Thru Wall Fan Kit

Used where the bathroom is on an external wall, or there is no ceiling space for an in-line fan.

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Window Fans
 Window Fans

Window Mounted Fans

Used in situations where an existing window fan is being replaced, or where there is no available external wall space and no ceiling space access.

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Heat, Fan, Light Units
 Heat / Fan / Light

Heat/Fan/Light Units

Designed for low-pitch roofs, between floors or where a heat/fan/light solution is desired.

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In-line Fans / Fan Kits
 In-line Fans Kits
 In-line Fans

In-line Fan Kit

Most common bathroom installation, the fan is mounted in the ceiling space with the grille directly above the source of the steam. Generally this type of installation is quieter as the fan is not directly in the room.

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Roof Fans
 Roof Fans

Thru Roof Kit

Used where there is limited access to the roof space, or where there is no soffit available. Thru Roof Kits can be used with any extraction fan, or use a Thru Roof Fan Kit with the fan mounted within the cowl.

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 Specialised Fans

Specialised Fans

Ventilation solutions available for specific specialised requirements.

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 Fan Accessories

Fan Accessories

A range of accessories are available to complement the above ventilation solutions.

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