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Fan Accessories Product Range

MANROSE® Fan Timers

A fixed fan timer that will automatically switch the appliance off after 7 minutes. ...more info

SELV Transformers

SELV transformers are required for all low voltage installations. ...more info

MANROSE® Door Grilles

This door grille allows make-up air into the room. Minimum door thickness 455(h) x 90(w) x 33(d). ...more info

ULTECON Thermostats

High quality, easy to use thermostats. Included in Heat Trans systems. ...more info

MANROSE® Speed Controllers

A range of speed controllers with variable or 2 speed and reversible options. ...more info

ULTECON Speed Controllers

5 speed fan selection - manual or external control. Enclosure can be wall mounted or free standing. ...more info

Humidistat Controller

Designed to operate the fan when the relative humidity reaches a pre-set level. ...more info

Fan Mounting Brackets

These adjustable fan mounting brackets, designed for use with the centrifugal fans. Supplied in pairs. ...more info

Duct Tape and Hanging Strap

Duct tape in 48mm x 5m and 48mm x 30m lengths. Duct straps for 100mm, 125mm &150mm diameter duct and 25mm x 50m duct strap. ...more info